Biking Queen (4 India Lady Bikers)

Biking queens (4 Indian lady bikers) riding into Myanmar from 22 June to 26 June. They are going to ride to 10 nations bringing the message from their PM Narinda Moding will see arriving back into Myanmar as second lag in mid August 2016. Congratulate their courage and adventure ride.

India-Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Car Rally 2016

To mark the anniversay of 25 years relationship between Asean and India, and to promote trade and tourism this India-Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Rally comprising 30 paxs on 9 SUVs has commemorated from June 22 at Gwarhati, Assam, India. Coming into Myanmar via Tamu on 24 June, proceeded to Kalay, Taungyi, Keng Tung, Tachileik and drove into […]

5 Russians on 2 SUV seen in Russian Embassy

5 Russians on 2 SUV seen in Russian Embassy (Yangon). Actually Russians are rare customer who visited on their own Vehicles to Myanmar. They are planning to come next year. Great goes to Capt; Raaj Kumar, he tried hard to introduce overland route to Myanmar.

Tushar & Sanjay’s Trip near Bagan

4 cars and 1 motorbike of Tushar & Sanjay’s Trip near Bagan at toddy palm tree garden. Adventures overland is a great working partner of Bright View.


Overland driving Myanmar from Thailand to India (25 5 march 2014 ) ; 3 couples ( Swiss / Spanish / Australian ) came in from Maesot on 3 motorbikes and one landrover and visited along mwd /golden rock /taung gu /mandalay / bagan /monywa / kalay /tamu route and proceeded to India. Among them […]


Honeymoon makers and their friend (8 to 18 dec.2013 ) ;A couple of French honeymoon maker & their friend with 2 motorbikes made 11 days tour along kalay/ monywa /mandalay /bagan / inlay / taung gu / hpa an / myawaddy route. The couple was quite satisfied with our service provided, they wrote about this […]


Thai motorbike group (1 to 10 dec.2013 ) ; 7 motorbikes,1 admin logistic car and 10 people rode along Mwd/ golden rock/taunggu /mdy /bgn/ygn/mawlamyaing/Mwd Maesot route.


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