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Le Voyage des amis amities Francais en Fevrier 2016
( Trip of Friendlier French in February 2016 )

Actually there were 1 Luxembourg , 1 Swiss , 1 Belgic couples , but most of the participants were French , and the trip was named FRIENDLIER FRENCH who visited Myanmar on their self driving 18 vehicles.

Eventhough trip took place from 13 to 27 February , advanced discussions were started since 25 July 2015 , almost 7 months ahead with an experienced Overland 4 WD Specialist " Laurent Roy."

After confirming everything , my side started GPS mapping on 10 December 2015 to end of that month. Provided route map software to the customers in third week of January 2016.


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Procedure for Border Crossing Self Driving/Riding Tours

General Overview
1. Agents/customers should contact with Tin, MD, Bright View Travels & Tours, for border
crossing trips to email: tin.apex@gmail.com, mobile +959 4400 29209. Meanwhile, do have a
look on the website www.brightviewtravel.com for some more information and former events.
2. Agents/customers should prefer an itinerary mentioned on the website or propose a customized
idea itinerary. In this stage we should discuss about the route, length of stay, status of the
accommodations and caterings, number of participants and vehicles and other pertinent matters.
After that Bright View calculates the reasonable cost and let the customers know. Actually, it
should be at least 2 months ahead, but the earlier the better. Especially your trip is during the peak
season (in Myanmar peak season is from October to February), should contact 5/6 months earlier
and fix the dates at least 3/4 months ahead so as to make confirmed hotel reservations.
3. After dealing everything, Bright View starts paper works for the Special Overland Permission.
In this regard Agents/Customers have to send the following particulars-
3.1 For the participants; passport details with a 1
st page copy, occupation & address, visa page
copy to be sent after receiving from respective Myanmar Embassies.
3.2 For the vehicles; Reg; no, engine no. chasis no. model /made/ brand and color, 2 photos
3.3 Particulars to be mentioned in an excel sheet.
4. Bright View prepares necessary paper works and put up to the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism,
MOHT checks and proceed to the Government Office. After viewing everything Govt. office
allows the Special Overland Permission. This procedure takes about 10 to 14 working days. After
that my office sends the SOP in Myanmar & English version to Agents/Customers so as to
facilitate the visa process at the Myanmar Embassies. Actually visa is on the customers’ but
facilitate as much as I could.

Important Points to be reckoned with
5. Applying Special Overland Permission to Authorities, we have to mention details of the
participants and vehicles. In this regard some of the participants have more than one passport (we
have had experiences) it is very important to bring the same passport which you have sent for
6. For the vehicles also, particulars must be the same as sent and on ground. Please take this matter
serious because it takes too much more time unnecessarily while amending at the border check
point. Sometimes 3 to 4 hours delayed.

Before entry
7. Before coming into Myanmar both parties will be communicating each other occasionally. Let the
customers know contact of my service team in due course who are going to accompany the trip.
On the day of incoming travelers should reach to the border checkpoints as early as possible. E.g
if comes from India, should arrive the border checkpoint “Iron Bridge” before 1200 MST, if 10
am, better. Formalities in Myanmar side won’t take too long because my staff will be at least 2/3
hrs ahead at the check point to make clearance in advance (maximum one and half hour for
Immigration and Customs). For whom comes in from Thailand, should be at the checkpoint no
later than 10 am MST. The earlier you come in, the ample time you have for sightseeing and
proceed to another destination. One thing to be noted, Right Hand Drive in Myanmar.

About the Idea Itinerary
8. Some travelers (mostly motorbikers) think that they can ride through Myanmar within 2/3 days
because they estimate only on the map that mentioned 1600 kms from India to Thai border
checkpoint. They calculate 50 to 80 km/hrs, 8 to 10 hrs riding time per day, then they would be
able to cover 1600 km within 3 days. Neither can they reach, unthinkable for those riding because
of terrain and roads. Tough terrain between Kalay and Monywa. For the remaining portions, I
would say good roads, but narrow and serpentine somewhere. And most of the roads have no
dividers, that’s why the biker cannot ride fast what they thought in mind even though their bikes
are famous brands. Therefore, they need to spend at least 5 days 4 nights, but 6days 5nights is
because riders have to proceed many more kilometers in other counties.
9. For SUVs and other cars 4days 3nights is workable, but 5 days 4 nights would be better as a
matter of saving endurance on the car.

About the cost
10. Different travelers have a different way of thinking, practice and status. Generally there may be 3
10.1 High class; with 4/5 star accommodations and most of caterings at the hotels.
10.2 Normal and average; with 2/3 star accommodations and most of caterings at good restaurants
10.3 Economy; to accommodate in small guesthouses and to arrange catering at small local
restaurants or sometimes managed by themselves.
11. However, the categories are different cost depends on the number of participants. More
participants make lower the cost because they have to share shouldering some costs. E.g there are
costs for leading pilot vehicle, accompanied staff, guide and sightseeing transportation charges,
let’s say it incurred USD 1000, if you come alone that amount will be on you. If 4, only USD 250
per participant, if 10 participants, have to pay (shoulder) 100 only.
12. So, we would say cost depends on the number of participants, status of accommodations/
caterings and itinerary.

13. According to the nature of these Adventure Tours, there are risks everywhere else in every minute
because we work with machinery related devices. Unnecessary things could be happened at
anytime on motorbikers/drivers themselves or to the public. So as to avoid or minimize those
risk, the best advice is to stick the local rules and regulations and follow at back of leading
pilot car, especially in crowded areas.
We understand that some bikers / drivers like to move
freely by using GPS. They can do so only when favoured.
14. Other crucial risk is monsoon and rain. Especially in rainy season (June to September sometimes
up to October/November because of climate changes) we must reckon with this factor. Due to
Typhoon in southern China Sea and Cyclone in the Bay of Bangal, heavy and torrential rains
make happened floods, underwater and landslides mostly between Kalay and Gangaw/ Monywa.
If our trip is fallen in this situation, risks would be on the customer’s side even though
Bright View tries to escape from these difficulties
e.g. blockage somewhere on the way (or)
something wrong with your vehicles because of said disasters.
15. Regarding medical care most of the foreigners are reluctant to take treatment. But this is a better
way of prevention from unnecessary sizable treatments. So the Myanmar saying goes, “Don’t
make happened to use an axe for the matter of using a needle”. We have had past experiences till
their lives were claimed since they denied to take prior medical treatments.
16. There are some other concerns regarding vehicles, especially in Golden Rock sightseeing trips.
Since no other vehicles are allowed to bring up to the hill top (because of hazardous terrains, only
local special trucks are operated by skilled local drivers for going up and down) the SUVs and
motor bikes must leave in parking lots at the base camp.
For the customers who stay at the base camp area hotels have no problem because they are
together with the vehicles. Some customers who like to stay on the mountain top hotels, they have
to leave their vehicles at the base camp for one night at least.
Even though, security personals are taking care of the vehicles, in case of big fire or some
other disasters, risk would be on the owners of the vehicles because these are beyond our

Nothing unwanted occurrences are not happening yet, but we do have the responsibility to
proclaim earlier.
In Yangon also, motorbikes are not allowed to enter into the city. So clients should stop at a
proper parking area, may be outskirts of the city.
Alike Yangon and Golden Rock, this term would be exercised the same way in other areas.

17. Customers and Agents, would be taken into account that, you are well and clearly
understood the notifications, suggestions and restrictions mentioned in this procedure once
you received this presentation.

Excess Baggages & Belongings
18. Normally, pilot vehicle is used for road clearing for the safety of the travelers and the public on
the road. There are 4 persons in the car already (1 guide, 1 liaison official from MOHT, 1 staff
from my office, 1 driver) and their belongings plus other necessary things. So, the travelers
(especially the bikers) should arrange a separate backup car if there are some excess baggages and
belongings. Pilot vehicle would be able to accommodate merely 60-70 kg.

Payment System
19. After agreeing everything (itinerary / cost / incoming date, etc.) customers/ agents must settle 50
% of incurring amount. Should send another 50% as and when Special Overland Permission is
granted by the authorities. Will send both Myanmar and English notary public. Above terms are
just in principle, but sometimes we play it by ear with an agreement between customers and
myself. I would say everything depends on the situation.
Below payment options are available.
19.1 Western Union
Beneficiary Name – TIN MAUNG SHWE
Country – Myanmar
After dealing is finished with WU, you should send me by email such as sender’s name,
country, amount sent, money transfer code number MTCN. When I receive these I can draw
money at WU agents in Myanmar. I would say Western Union is safe and fastest payment
19.2 Bank Transfer
If you are sending from the bank, will send detail bank info in the invoice.
You should use following respective intermediary banks to transfer to Myanmar.
UOB/OCBC/DBS, Singapore
United Bank of India, India
Sometimes you should convert USD into EURO to send to Myanmar, according to your
bank’s policy. If you are sending from India, please use the United Bank of India-UBI
because my bank in Myanmar, Ayeyarwaddy bank and they have direct connection. But
maybe you need to open an account in UBI.

Cancellation Policy
20. Since the nature of these border crossing trips are different from others (e.g we have to
take SOP at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead) so we charge and refund accordingly-
– 61 days ahead of incoming date … no charges.
– In between 60 to 45 days … 20% charge on the incurred amount (not the amount of
advance payment), 80% refund (if paid full fledge amount).
– In between 44 to 31 days … 50% refund.
– 30 and less days … no refund.


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